Celebrities go gaga over North West!

Yes, television stars or sublimely put ‘celebrities’ graced the province –some for the very first time- as part of the North West Parks & Tourism Board sojourn to market and promote the brand to the outside world, whose theme for this campaign was Family, Friends and Fun in Festive North West Province!

The four-day trip was for one a repose period for some and the other lot meant visiting the popular but slowly losing its value 60s in Mahikeng.

What, how and where it lost its mojo remains a mystery!

Honestly speaking, like a person on the verge of being swallowed by the earth -60s are finished, stru…

Ok, back to why NWT requested our presence, the objective was to identify other major attracting tourism spots in the province such as Haarties- the gate way to NW which is a prime destination for local and internationals alike.

Day 1: First on the activity was the amazing AmazwingZwing Zip line. This unique adventure in the sky consists of 7 slides connected to 10 platforms ranging in heights from two meters up to 14, overlooking the breathtaking valley below.

According to our hosts, the longest slide is 240meters, almost equivalent to Table Mountain.

Wow, and yes, yours truly took part in all slides, albeit with fear and trembling painful arms. Ahem…

SA favourite soapie Generations crew and one actress from Moferefe Lenyalong comedy show (Lieketseng), showed us a thing or two as they zwing and zagged, without any reservations.

Being a hard pleaser as I am, must say the lot behaved well throughout the tour.

Thereafter, we were off to Lesedi Cultural Dance Village were a medley of cultural groups are taught.

With the sundowner beckoning we skidded off to Toro Ya Me boat for cruising at Haarties.

Everything flowed apart from my usual all time favourite forbidden waters! Monde,I’m still waiting for my ‘present’ you promised or kanjani?

Having realized I was left with limited options and all and sundry belting their poorly constructed lyrics, we rounded up the evening by booking at the sought-after La Dolce Vita Guest House.

South Africa this is where beauty, class, panache and tranquility all conformed to one. I suggest you take a turn at the venue you won’t be disappointed…And yes, I was the only one who received courtesy MASSAGE THERAPY from the hospitable Mrs Makhubela and Ms Shelby.    

What followed and happened at the pool as we gyrated throughout the night will remain solely within. Won’t tell a SOUL. Amen!

Day 2: After breakfast (with pounding babalaas) we prepared ourselves and

smeared our faces with sun creams, etc… as we set off to the recently launched Harties Cableway. It offers visitors panoramic view of the beautiful Magaliesberg, Haartebees poort Dam and the surrounding areas. Its attractiveness could increase the numbers in the province.

With student tours now popular at this time of the year whistling, ululations and sharing pictures with the unassuming Choppa (Generations) wouldn’t be complete. The boy is a hit among our opposite sex, stru!

Elies or elephants ride was next at Elephant Sanctuary. Although it rained bitterly it did not dampen the spirits of others, suffice to say yours truly took a back seat and enjoyed his chill drink. Yep.

Haartebees Dam was a good host although littering was a bit of an eye-sore. Perhaps NWT and other tourism stakeholders within the area will attend to that as speedily as possible, they promised.

After a long and hectic day off we hit the road to Mahikeng in preparations for 60s.

Arrive at Tusk Hotel for dinner and welcome drinks. We drive 5km to book in at the 2012 North West Parks award winner Boga Legaba Guest House. Prepare for pre-60s fete but the venue Red ox was packed to raptures. Our hosts Mpho Motshegoa and Monde Kakula, senior managers at NWT decide to change the venue to the hip and happening joint Club 69.

Everyone and anyone who’s a hit in Jozi is there with cigars, expensive Johnny Walker Blue bottles, skimply dressed gals all over like bees yearning for honey!

Armed with VIP armbands for pre-60s which were not used for its purpose, we call it the night…

Day 3: After breakfast, we attend the Stop and Stretch at Manyane resort. The

purpose is to conscientious drivers and pedestrians to be alert on the road.

Molemane Eye Game reserve was next on the agenda. With light rain but fine

conditions (typical Dbn weather) on the offer, we try various adventures courtesy of another (2012 NWP&TB award winner)Kay 2ZE Tours and Adventurers who took us to the task. Must say Kagiso Legobe, owner and his dedicated team are professionals.

From bow and arrow to river rafting and quad bikings, this proved handful for some but exciting for yours truly.

With drench sweat and dirty clothes the order of the day, off we went to freshen up for what was supposed to be ‘thee’ thing: 60s. Pouring rain has now been elevated, we leave our guest house around 12am for the venue.

Ok, what happened at the evenue should be reserved for another day, if you catch my drift!

Some of the crew who were looking forward ‘breaking the virginity’ of attending 60s euphoria turned sour as they decided not join us at the fest. Must say they were like ”we told u so” during breakfast, as we poured our hearts out what transpired.

“It seems we did not lose that much after-all, or kanjani mngani,” boasted Xoli, who features in Generations telling Thabita, also her colleague at the soapie.

Day 4: Drinking our sorrows of what happened the previous night, we prepare for our trip back home Jozi. Fatigue was written all over apart from our reliable and dependent chauffer KG.

Fond memories and trying new products were the fundamental task of this sojourn after-all.

* We were joined on the trip by three winners who entered the online competition initiated by the NWP&TB Board.   

For more information visit: www.tourismnorthwest.co.za

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