Celebrities take a back seat as Nivea targets unknowns for TV Ad!

Every day, she passionately teaches her extended family and unemployed women in the community to empower them to make a living.

Gogo is part of the Nivea new commercial TV campaign launched last year, as part of the company’s Social Investment Programme, with Beiersdorf- mother company.

The campaign seeks to identify with real people, doing inspirational work in their own communities.    

It targets three heroes; who have dedicated time and their resources for the less-fortunate or their families.

“For the first time in history, Nivea has created a television commercial, not featuring models, but real South African people. The commercial tells the story of three everyday heroes in South Africa and celebrates their incredible acts of kindness and generosity.

These people not only love, but also live by the true embodiment of ubuntu – the belief that together we are so much more,” explains Kerstin Bird, Marketing Director of Southern Africa. 

The rationale behind this special commercial was that it should capture the spirit of ubuntu.

Michael Shabalala (30) is from Durban. Raised as a street child from the age of 4 years, has turned his life around and now cares for vulnerable children through the National Association of Child Care Workers (NACCW).

“The costs of making the commercial were, as far as possible, channelled back to further assist the heroes we featured. Instead of incurring substantial location and set costs, we filmed the commercial where our heroes live and work every day”, continues Bird. 

From Jozi, is a 31 year-old Boitumelo. The Windsor East resident -has a   financial burden of three children. This follows the death of her sister and now had to foster for her two babies despite the challenges, with husband Samuel.

Duduza Serenades, a 35-strong children’s choir from Ekurhuleni was commissioned to give melody background during the Ad shoot and Nivea’s staff member Nonfundo Mpati did a script.

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