Changan SC a real deal, stru!

Mini- I disagree ‘cos it can load the unexpected as we headed to NW in my village to drop goodies for my Gran.

Packed with 1243cc 4-cylinder petrol engine and 72kW/119Nm minivan derivative- I was impressed to say the least and to tell the truth wouldn’t mind cajoling with it or owning one.

Yes, we all know that anything, everything associated with Chinese is questionable- but I bet my last cent this Changan Star II Single Cab is a real deal.

The mini van comes with a radio and basic comforts like aircon, electric windows, and remote central locking.

Was impressed with the large amount it could carry in its one-ton load bay, which is a generous 2.06 metres long. It was also easy to get it loaded due to the sides of the cargo bay being at only about waist height, and for even easier loading the hinged sides and tailgate drop down.

As a workhorse there’s little to complain about, suffice to point out the ride’s quality is atrocious so did the bumps and lurches over every minor hump and when one does increase the speed above 90km/h it starts picking up some major vibrations, much to the annoyance of my Gran.

This is a 5 speed manual mini-van expect such!

As a budget workhorse the Changan Star II Single Cab does the job with its large, easy-to-load cargo bed, bargain-basement price, and low fuel consumption which we measured at 6.6 litres per 100km.

Dealers, farmers and families this is your ideal ‘partner’, depending on your budget.

It comes with a 3 year warranty/ 100 000KM and offers 24hour road assistance.

The Changan Star II Single Cab retails for R141 880


Performance 1-10 (4)

Petrol 1-10 (4)

Image SLM (The heavily loaded Changan II SC -showing off its versatility).

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