Chappies confirms 60 thrilled fans to appear in Emtee’s music video

Did You Know Emtee has confirmed 60 fans who will appear in his music video in December? The shoot was held at Chaf Pozi eatery- Soweto last week. Image JACOB MAWELA.

Earlier this year, Chappies joined forces with the award-winning rapper to create the Chappies Collab – an exciting competition where 60 lucky winners got to live the dream by being part of Emtee’s new music video.

Excitement and selfies were the order of the day as Emtee arrived at Chaf Pozi restaurant for an hour-long meet and greet with his fans and invited media [who have been made to sign non-disclosure forms agreeing not to release any recorded motion or still imagery for public distribution before the allotted release date] before the shoot kicked off at the location of the old Orlando power station.

Looking juicily colourful, the banter-filled throng whiled away time seated at tables decorated with numerous glass jars filled with a plethora of wrapped chewing gum whilst other tried their skills at ping pong and soccer tables – as they waited for their idol, who was running late.

Just before midday, the gathered throng was also treated to the restaurant’s signature fare of braaied meat accompanied by pap, chakalaka and coleslaw salad.

A DJ worked the decks as they also cooled down the stifling heat with cold drinks.

When the musician eventually showed up, he was mobbed enthusiastically by both the youthfully guests and cameramen and photographers.  Shortly after a programme director had dispensed with some requisite formalities were the winners proudly posing in their limited edition Chappies t-shirts, signed CDs and stacks of Chappies products.

A student from KwaThema, Nokuthula Nyembe, said, “Today was the first time I got to meet Emtee.  I was so excited because I am his biggest fan.  I really got to talk to him and he’s such a great person.  He kept smiling and laughing.”

Sindiswa Mdala from Katlehong described the day as being epic beyond great, whilst intoning, “I have been a fan of Emtee since his first album.  A very thank you Chappies Collab for this experience!”

Commented Mondelez Category Brand Manager Gum SA’s Kerisha Govender, “It was a hugely memorable day.  The Chappies Collab presented a fun way to interact with a new generation of Chappies consumers and merge the heritage of Chappies with local music talent.”

Once on set, only the winners and crew were allowed to hear the star’s latest track.  The rest of us will be kept in suspense until December!

For more information and to keep track of the Chappies Collab, visit the Chappies Facebook page.

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