Chappies goes down memory lane with its DID YOU KNOW? tagline!

 To celebrate its milestone, the iconic brand held its quiz night with media and celebrities in Craighall, were also the unveiling of popular TV host Nimrod Nkosi took place.

 The purpose of the quiz was in ‘honour’ of the famous DID YOU KNOW? tagline which has become synonymous countrywide if, not globally and the launch of the new show, debuting Thursday 22 August.

Yes, the organizers had something different in-store for guests, following the huffin’ and puffin’ of answers given during the evening.

The CHAPPIES DID YOU KNOW? SHOW will showcase two teams pitted against one another over three high energy quizzes and activity rounds, tackling the categories of Nature, Science & Technology, Sports, Celebrities, Music and a Wildcard category. It comes in cool cherry, fruit, watermelon, grape, spearmint and strawberry.

Each weekly winner will win prizes and stand a chance to make it to the series finale.  All this with one mission in mind; to be the overall Chappies winner and knowledge champion!

The final round will include two contestants paired up with well-known South African celebrities for the final face-off.

The celebrity personalities are currently a secret, as their identities will slowly be revealed on the Hectic Nine-9 and Chappies Facebook pages over the weeks to come.

Again, part of the Chappies journey to stay hip and relevant this year is to refresh the CHAPPIES DID YOU KNOW? facts. 170 brand new facts that were submitted by South Africans in 2012 will be printed onto the wrappers to keep the knowledge of Chappies new and pertinent. Aha!

Ok, now that we knew what the evening was all about, we tested our IQs and despite coming second best we outnumbered the likes of Sunday World reporter Babalwa Shota and her lot. Stru!

Shota, unfoundedly claimed in her Shwashwi column that, our table which featured musician Ed Jordan and ex M-net presenter were bored does not stand water. How could that happen following our excellent and ‘magical’ position at the end of the evening, Miss Shota? Ahem.

If you talk colour bloggin’ then get yourself a Chappies DID YOU KNOW? chap!


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