City Press editor suspends journos!

The suspension borders on transformation within the publication.

According to Economic Freedom Fighters, Hafajee then took to tweeter about how she will fight against black domination and racist blacks unethically raising issues that she as a boss has subjected her subordinates to an inquiry and disciplinary process about.

In essence, according to EFF she took internal matters of City Press to the public domain, thus indirectly silencing the accused.

“We are told City Press went into a strategic planning of sorts where the questions of the transformation of the news rooms were raised on behalf of commissions and those representing the commissions, who reported on how blacks continue to be undermined, were suspended, including interns,” says EFF.

“EFF has called on black journalist to stand their ground in the news rooms in the struggle for transformation, we thus pledge our support to all those who will raise their heads and speak b(l)ack to power.

Black journalists must know that we are prepared to even provide legal assistance to the battles they face, including political support. Ferial Hafajee suspended 8 black journalists for raising the same issues as Carien du Plessis, yet she is not suspended,” read the statement.

“It is for this reason that City Press must take harsh action on her, particularly because it is matters of racial discrimination which we all know find much greater expression in those spaces that have to do with the discipline of language like papers and academia. Furthermore, it must be destructive to the very disciplinary process for her to take to the public before those who are accused are heard.”

The public deserved to get a proper explanation from City Press for this whole process and take harsh action on unethical behaviour on the part of the editor, says EFF.

Commentators we spoke to, hinted that they were disappointed with the latest news considering the paper has a rich history and influential within communities.

“How will this look like come next Sunday?” asked another.


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