Cockroaches a hit on Translux!

Yes, expect the bill in your mail box soon, guys!

The Translux busses which are part of Passenger Rail Agency of SA, usually are associated with prestige and class until then.

Frequently, one uses this kind of bus service when not flying or driving. But what transpired was the masquerading of cockroaches en masse! I cannot speak on behalf of other bus services ‘cos I havn’t had the luxury to use one.

 Like an old Mama seated behind me said in Xhosa disgustedly:”Amaphela lawa a busy can’t someone get a Doom!” she yelled,

“Imagine how Roadlink is, if Translux can’t cope?” asked interestingly another gorgeous lady in her late 20s.

For the uninitiated Roadlink, has been hogging headlines for either poor services or involved in road accidents which led to the KZN Govt threatening to shut it down or withdrawigt their operating licence in the Province. What happened is another story for another day!

So, next time you book a Translux ascertain you won’t mind the sights of irritating, thick cockroaches as they vie for your attention or incessantly for your food!

 However, one may vehemently ask what’s next on Trans(luxury)?

Any pest companies looking for tender, Translux is your BET!



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