Comedian wants his German car to be ready and it ain't funny!

Stand Up Comedian Chris Mapane is an unhappy chappy.

This follows an issue with his state of the art German car experiencing problems which he bough last year in November from one of the country’s top car dealership Investment Cars.  

His top of the range Mercedes Benz first experienced problems with the door switch and a sun roof. Unfortunately, that was only the beginning of more problems to follow.

 “I’ve been to their offices to fix the problem after consulting with them. However, it seems they’re not taking me seriously, these guys. Nogal, how can such a big car experience continuous glitches”? Asked the fire-spitting Mapane.

Below is the email sent to Investment Cars for the attention of Morne Liebenberg, Sales Manager:     

“As discussed over the phone, I took the car from Investment Cars on the 16-11-2012. Ruaan and I picked up a problem of a door switch and a sun roof which he agreed to book the car in the following week to be fixed.

As a result my drivers door started switching power off and on Monday, I called Ruaan to notify him about that and that the seat warmer of a passenger seat is not working. He promised to look at the problem. The car was booked in at Mercedez Benz Brynston under Service Adviser Carlo, date 26-11-2012, which is 10 days after I took the car out from Investment Cars.

Mercedes Benz picked up a lot faults on the car, from engine mounting to shock absorbs. About a month ago,I started having slow punches on the left side wheels, both rare and back. I took the car to Tiger Wheel and I was told that both rims cracked and were fixed before. I got a tyre burst which nearly caused an accident. Now I am having a problem with a gearbox.”

Mapane now confirms the car has been parked in his garage for the past four months and has to use other form of transport to attend his shows.

“Mercedes Benz picked up faults on the car, did a quote and sent it to Investment Cars 10 days after I took the car out. And the response I got from Ruaan, Investment Cars salesperson, is that I should not worry about it, Mercedes Benz is trying to make money out of me. Nothing is fixed till to date, even problems that Ruaan and I picked up, i.e. Sun Roof, door switching off and seat warmer.

I paid for the engine and gear mounting myself. Bryanston Mercedes Benz sent Ruaan a quote but was declined by Investment Cars 10 days after I got the car from the dealership,” he continued.

When I spoke to Liebenberg to try and found out what was the cause of delaying to fix problems in the car, he said we shall fix the problem please tell Chris to contact us, of which he did.

“However, he must pay 50% for the maintenance of the car,” says Liebenberg, something which irked Mapane.

Now this is almost three months since the car hasn’t been attended to.

Mapane has now approached Motor Ombudsman for legal advise.

“All I want is for them to fix the car which I bought from them, that’s all,” says Gatvol Mapane.

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