Comics Awards too comical

From the initial event itself, the planning was superb, cast well rehearsed and the comics themselves did not disappoint, suffice to highlight the absence of Trevor Noah who won the Comic of the Year Award. He’s still in the US, doing what I shall find out. I heard one of his peers asking “where is da money, Trevor?”    

Hawu, me thought coloureds and free booze where an item? Shame Trevor darling you missed out though. Talking of coloureds, they came in large numbers to shower praises on their fellows, me thought the venue was almost the copy cat of Cape Town Flats? Just a thought… And what about random ballet dancers in white costumes, they know their story as opposed to others I won’t stoop low to mention names…

Dizzing and taking each other on by comedians has magically proved to be a sailor-through and last night was out of this place. Talking of out this place my better half spend most her time outside as a result of the nudity, peppered and sensitive wording, and of course, taking on all races poor judgments’, stru!

Ok, when will the Santaco Airline take-off?  Will it be safe and will taxi-drivers-cum pilots have enough change? We await confirmation from Mr Phillip Taaibos.  

Aha, the after party rocked despite other comedians not being nominated. To the organizers, job well done for getting more sponsors on board, not on boat ne!

Until the wee hours of this morning waters of Babylon flowed, platters on your face- if not on your nose- and ladies ok lets skip this subject for next years’ Comics Awards. Eventually, we had to drag another upcoming and hilarious Chris Mapane –in tow with boss David Kau- to help carry free forbidden waters to the car. That was around 2am. And shame bathong, he obliged cos he was single.

Sifiso Nene walked away with the Audience Choice Award.

Other category award winners:

The Times Comic’s Pen Award

Kagiso Lediga

Alyn Adams

Loyiso Gola

Vittorio Leonardi

The Audience Choice Award

Sifiso Nene

Trevor Noah

Eddie Eckstein

Deep Fried Man

Sifiso Nene

The Newcomer Award

Jason Goliath

Dillan Oliphant

Donovan Goliath

Monique Nortjé

The BlackBerry Breakthrough Act Award

Deep Fried Man

Robby Collins

Tats Nkonzo

Mpho “Popps” Modikoane

The Comic of the Year Award

Riaad Moosa

Trevor Noah

Nik Rabinowitz

Loyiso Gola

The Lifetime Achiever Award

Joe Parker

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