Corps to monitor sport development

 It was launched yesterday at OR Tambo Hotel by the Minister of Sport Fikile Mbalula.

Former sportspeople, active and non-active came in large numbers to give thumbs up to this initiative with fourteen codes of sport represented, respectively.

In his own words Mbalula said:”The Corps would also seek to engage with other sporting icons that were no longer active in sport but their experience would be of paramount importance.

This means these former athletes and active ones, would help in identifying talents in their own backyard (areas) and elevate it to higher standards,” he says.

SA Rugby Legends and the SA Masters Football Association, chess, netball, hockey were among the sports represented who also have thrown their weight behind the Corps programme. It is envisaged that sixteen sports will be represented in the Corps throughout the country.

Corps will amongst others, harness the talents of former players, administrators and technical personnel to support development of sport on schools and district level-which would encompass coaches, technical support, sport administration, league co-ordination, and motivational talks in schools and clubs.

The likes of Doctor Khumalo and Pollen Ndlanya who were in attendance all agreed that, the initiative is long over due.

On the funding side, CATHSETA –a body which represents sport and culture in the country has been approached whereby funds from the organisation will be applied to organise coaching courses for the volunteers.

Once they have completed the courses, they will be enlisted to help with sport projects, especially involving young people. A register of members will be drawn up and maintained.

Ordinary citizens, academia and others who played a support role in sport will also be invited to join.

Another benefit of the Corps is study bursaries that will be awarded to deserving volunteers who want to further their education and skills.

Alec Moemi, Director General of Sport, says the Corps duty would help breach the void in disadvantaged communities where sport is active but no talent is identified or in other cases, sport is not played at all particularly at schools.

The Corps is expected to become operational in April this year, while the bursary scheme is scheduled to become available in October.

On how to become a volunteer, contact Mfundo Mcina at mfundo@srsa.gov.za.


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