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Elitism and glamour at Africa Polo!

The Africa Cup Polo meet is an annual that takes place in late winter and is always well attended by the highbrows of Gauteng and beyond South Africa's borders for a day of equestrian athleticism, fashion, champagne corking, seeing and being seen, banter and laughter.

Elitism and glamour at Africa Polo!

Hot off the press gathering. Choreographer Somizi Mhlongo and actress Bridget Masina were guests at the annual Africa Polo meet.

On the field of play this year’s edition was contested by polo teams from South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Uganda.

Whilst the event was eventually won by a local team, a Ghanaian outfit named African Polistas came out third on the podium.

Off the field VIPs, celebrities and socialites came out in full force.

The likes of business mogul Wendy Luhabe, ANC’s Zizi Kodwa, Bridget Masinga, Kgomotso Christopher, Lorna Maseko, Somizi Mhlongo, David Kau as well as numerous recognizable others were in ubiquitous display dressed to the nines and accessorized pertinent to the occasion as they quaffed on flowing bubbly.

They quaffed, engage in banter, mirth, networking, swanking, posed for the paparazzi, fagging, gossip, stealing of glances, ogling those other had designs on, quaffed the bubbly some more and then glimpsed at the action on the field only to switch attention to various companies kept.

Caterers, Word of Mouth made ensured that guests staved starvation away with the alluring tidbits buffet laid out to feast upon. A middle-aged man who seemed to be a hit among his circle was overhead to utter these words: “It was white before the helicopter landed!”

The context of his quip came about upon a photographer expressing admiration for the light-khaki 2-piece Etienne Aigner suit he had on.

A requisite moment of the event had a Land Rover SUV racing and beating a rider on horseback at the completion of the final match.

Thereafter, at the awards ceremony, Strictly Come Dancing contestant and hostess for the polo meet, Bridget Masinga called up Somizi Mhlongo to accept the Best Dressed Man award for the day.

Amidst a DJs beats, guests boogied and swigged some more whilst other made way to the parking lots filled with their expensive automobiles so as to make their grand exits and as others prepared to continue their partying at a well-known Sandton nightspot.

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