Energizer lightens up charity organizations!

Energizer, the makers of the world’s longest lasting AAA and AA batteries, has committed itself to expand its longer lasting power to also Make the Festive Season Last Longer this year by rewarding customers with exciting daily prizes.

This extended holiday cheer campaign, including on pack stickers, social media, radio, mall and point of sale activations, will run through October, November and December 2013.

As part of the ‘Making the Festive Season Last Longer’ campaign, Energizer is also partnering with five malls and thousands of community members to spread the festive cheer among local children’s charities to make their smiles last longer during the extended festive season.

“We believe everyone has the power to make a positive impact,” says Rashmi Vadivelu, Brand Manager, Energizer South Africa.

“By sharing our positive energy, together we can make the world a better place with brighter smiles.”

Community members and local shoppers across South Africa are encouraged to share the festive spirit by either buying gifts off the children’s wish lists or by sharing the festive spirit by giving gifts of their choice to the children from these charities.

The campaign will run through October until December 2013 before Energizer and the various malls host parties for the children across South Africa where these gifts, smiles and the spirit of the festive season will be shared.

The ‘Making Smiles Last Longer’ campaign forms part of Energizer’s ‘That’s Positivenergy’ campaign that was brought to life in South Africa by offering great opportunities to all South Africans to participate in activities geared towards making a difference, while standing a chance to win terrific prizes.

Now that’s Positivenergy!

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