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 And without blowing her horn, she’s the first woman to establish a black owned female security in Lephalele, Limpopo Province.

 Mulanga security was born in 1999 as a business entry to prepare for the historical 2010 World Cup in SA, the first global piece to be staged in the African Continent.

An ardent ZZC member, Mme Mumsy is a product of the Eskom Development Foundation, whose core mandate is to co-ordinate and executes Eskom’s corporate social investment strategy countrywide.

The silver-tongued Mme Mumsy was recruited by the Foundation to enter the Eskom Contractors Academy Management Course in 2010 at Turfloop University, which she successfully completed in 2011.

“From then on I never looked back,” she declares with conviction.

According to her, the course taught her some basics which would equip her in the business world.

“The Foundation gave me a path to walk on particularly with the evolving business models taking place globally,” says Mme Swanepoel, who invited her guards to show a contingent of press some security ‘stunts’ under the scorching heat.

Boasting 180 permanent staff Mulanga -a Vhenda idiom easily translated Unity- is the beacon of hope for the business people and communities in and around the Lephalale areas, although she pointed out that they face minor hurdles from other businesses that are still narrow-minded in that they won’t give her business.

“Theirs is they can’t give me business because this is a male dominated industry,” she continued without hinting if racism has any effect on the matter.

Kemelo Mocheke, Eskom Foundation representative in Limpopo says, such projects are testament to what the company stands for; especially where Eskom conducts its business.

“Our involvement is to help the likes of Mumsy, to understand the fundamentals of running a successful business in their respective communities so, as to help in reducing the growth trend of joblessness, amongst others.”

Apart from the thriving security business, a 59 year-old mother of two, also owns a transport fleet and accommodation establishments.

Without revealing much she declared that all her businesses are worth millions.

Posed to her whether she has to time to unwind, Mme Mumsy commented ‘NO’.

She has been globetrotting from the US to Israel were she’s learning on security matters without again revealing details.

However, she has a stern message to Government.

“Tell the Local Government to give me work, they will learn from what we’ve grasped abroad,” she emphasised boldly.

Mulanga Security Control female leader Mmaphuti Mothata, says despite the odds stacked against her such as controlling guys (mainly foreigners), the job is worth it.

As for Mme Mumsy her world is an oyster.

But her fellow counterpart in the far-flung Makhado area; things are not rosy as one would expect.

Here Livhuwani Tshifhango owner of Khariye Poultry Farming is a sad story.

She lost close to R130 000 worth of stock during the storm which wreaked havoc in the Makhado last year.

“Losing that much almost caused me a heart attack,” says Livhuwani, who dusted off herself and soldiered on.

Started in 2010 after resigning from the bank as an Administrator nine years-ago, one thing that sprang into everyone’s mind was: what was this beautiful lass doing in the farming industry?

“It goes way back when my family started the farming business in the industry, now I had to take over,” she declared.

Khariye Farming oversees 1000 live chickens and eggs and serves areas such as Vhembe and other rural areas.

“It might not look glamorous but for me it’s a calling,” she says, before also confirming she does not dream of returning to the corporate world.

With the help of Eskom Foundation Development and donation from De Beers, Khariye Farming has found a new lease of life.

Following farming equipments donation, things are looking much better, says Livhuwane.

During Easter and December is the peak season for Khariye Farming which bolds well for business.   

With a handful staff on site and evident soil erosion which damaged the roads leading from the entrance of the farm, this is a bitter-sweet story of a woman of substance, indeed.

“Fortunately, I have a limited staff and the little we get I share with them,” quipped Luvhuwani, who also said approaching the likes of NYDA helped in the process.

As for Azwindini Masithi a chicken feeder, she’s devoted to her job and also demonstrated to us the do’s and dont’s.

Yes, it might not be a cosy job but who doesn’t want an egg for breakfast or chisa nyama with friends?

Well Khariye Farming is only a call away…

Drop them an email: kharifarm@gmail.com or call 079-809-4004 or 074-918-4203 


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