Everyman's dream car, stru!

Its aero dynamic features make it a heavenly drive especially on the long distant road. Behind the wheel you are astounded by its silent and yet dynamic propulsion. You would never guess that its a diesel fueled, its just too silent to imagine otherwise.

When initially taken for a test drive, you would not believe that you were driving a turbo diesel fuel economy vehicle. For its size and raw power its amazingly quite and serene.

You are dazzled and spellbound at the manner it handles on the hard roads and the ease with which it marvels and negotiates around narrow and steep roads of Joburg and Sun City, as we did when covering the MTN/SAMA awards last week.

The Volvo V60 is a dream car that without doubt seriously turns heads. It gives you that unmistakable element of importance, a signature that is only associated with the rich and famous.

It is a signature that underscores an auro of peace and perfection when you are behind the V60 wheel.

What is really shocking is how good this diesel version is when it comes to fuel economy; its performance in this regard is beyond belief. It is not only a classy performance vehicle, but possesses elements of a fuel economy vehicle without breaking the bank.

To underscore the power behind this monster you only have to open the bonnet and look at its compact and yet powerful V60 D5 powered engine. What it lacks in backseat leg space, it makes it up with the enormous trunk. I bet you could fit in four Blue Bulls players’.

Once you have driven the V60 D5 you are no longer the same person.

The elongated soft leather seats and trimmings make it one of the most comfortable vehicles in the market. Once in it has such an impact on you that you will never be at ease in the driver’s seat of another vehicle.

Its ability to accelerate 440NM torque from 2100 to 4200 revs per second is clear testimony that the V60 D5 is in the league of its own.

What more can one ask for in a vehicle that is filled with such advanced technology and puts the driver first when it comes to safety – the Volvo V60 D5?

Its radar detectors of pedestrians, other vehicles or any obstacle for that matter is second to none. The price of the vehicle, one can imagine, is part of a deliberate Volvo strategy to entice the consumer with a high performance, sophisticated, stylish and sexy car.

For such superior quality it is so affordable that you could even think the manufacturers made an error.

At a price range of between R450,000 and R490,000, the Volvo V60 D5 will give its competitors a run for their money.


(1-10) coolly scores 8.

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