Feel like lekker braaied meat on Sunday, Emerald Casino is callin'

They will host the popular Chesa Nyama menu, accompanied by deep house music sessions and chilled beer.

Late Sunday afternoons are all about experiencing ‘SoMuchMore’ and a perfect way to get along with family and friends around the table.

“Based on feedback that we have received, the new menu was created by the Breeze chefs” says Marli Wolmarans, Media and PR Manager at Emerald Resort & Casino.

For those not in the know, the Urban Breeze Chesa Nyama menu revolves around choice cuts of meat and sides ordered off the menu which are then prepared, or as South Africans like to say, ‘braaied’ and served on a central wooden platter for the entire table to enjoy.

Additionally, the new menu includes Inkomo, Chicken and Lamb and the Big Mixed Grill platters which can serve between two to five people.

Originating in the ‘80s, deep house fuses elements of jazz-funk with soul music.

While rarely reaching a climax, deep house lingers on as a comfortable and relaxing sound.

Entrance is Free! Gratis! Mahala!

For more information call 016 982 8175/8280 or visit: www.emeraldcasino.co.za

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