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FIFA boss to wed South African- How we got all WRONG!

Following the story we published on one of FIFA’s head head-honchos tying the knot with a South African, SOWETOLIFE MAGAZINE ONLINE, would like to publicly and unreservedly apologize for publishing some distorted information.

This follows the story published on 12 April 2012 (printed below).


Our source, whom was misquoted extensively in the story did not utter nor

agree to some contents published.

Having said that, we apologize for any impact –be it negative or positive

-the story would have had to the families and friends involved.

Editor & Staff!

Sowetolife Magazine Online.



Described as one of best kept secret Jerome Valcke, who played a pivotal role in the awarding of 2010 FIFA World Cup to South Africa, has exclusively been confirmed that he will be tying the knots with his young, radiant and gorgeous Ornella Nella Varanini.

According to my impeccable source close to Ornella, the wedding will take place this year in both Italy and Switzerland.

“I can confirm that my closest friend and, dearest sister will get hitched by one of FIFA’s top brass and I will be part of the ceremony,” boasted the source.

The source further revealed that Ornella has given a birth to a healthy child, although she did not specify the gender.

“The pair met in South Africa during the World Cup. She was part of staff which reported directly to Valcke and, this is where the relationship developed”, the source further revealed.

Valcke, is a divorcee from a wealthy businesswoman, according to source based at South African Tourism.

An Italian by birth but SA based, Ornella and the source attended Norwood Primary School in Johannesburg but went different route academically, the latter having studied PR Management and the source an intern doctor at Baragwanath Hospital.

The wedding, according to source will be graced by world’s football stars, head of states, kings & queens, top celebrities and influential business figures, globally.

Before settling in Zurich with his hubby where she still works at FIFA headquarters, the immaculate Ornella is reported to have dated a South African cricketer Mark Boucher briefly.
The mother of the bride to be, has been confirmed to be with her daughter in Switzerland.

Obtaining comment from family proved futile.

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