Five Fingers Marseilles an astounding, riveting piece of an act

SA’s crème de la crème. Five Fingers Marseilles stars Kennth Nkosi (left) and Hamilton Dlamini at the premiere of the film held at Market Theatre.

For some, it was a thought this astounding, provoking piece of an act was an international film an obvious reference to French City Marseilles but how wrong they were, including yours truly.

Starring ring leaders Vuyo Dabula, Mduduzi Mabaso, Kenneth Nkosi, Hamilton Dlamini, and other notable stars, Five Fingers Marseilles is intriguing, ignites goose-bumps and has an impactful act that deserves a nominee in next years’ Grammy Awards, stru!

Dabula plays ‘Tau‘, who along with his group of friends stood up to police brutality in apartheid South Africa. They start off with using slingshots and rocks but, eventually, one of them gets arrested.

This intensifies the rebellion as the young men graduate to guns, resulting in Tau fatally shooting two cops, which forces him to flee the town. His mates are left to deal with the aftermath before his return – 20 years later.

In the years between him fleeing his home town and his return, Tau has turned into an outlaw who has served time for robbery. Him coming back to his roots is inspired by his desire to turn over a new leaf – but that proves quite hard as he realises that there is a new oppressor in town and he is, once again, forced to rebel against authority.

The comical Nkosi is the ‘Mayor’, who has no control over thugs running and ruining the show as they please. Compromised ‘Cop’ Mabaso is a sell out who as expected; is dancing with the Wolves in the form of being a stooge to ‘Spoko’ played by Dlamini and his thuggerish lot.

Menoana e mehlano ea Marseilles, its worth every cent.

It hits our big screens from April 6 2018.

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