Gang pounce on the minister and bodyguards

TRANSPORT minister and bodyguards were robbed on the N3 near Heidelberg on Monday morning.

This was confirmed by SAPS spokesperson Athlenda Mathe.

Minister of transport Sindisiwe Chikunga and her bodyguards were stripped off their guns, as they were exchanging tyre on the N3.

Whilst busy with the punctured tyre, after what seemed like objects were seemingly intentionally placed on the road, the gang pounced on the bodyguards and robbed off their firearms, cellphones and other belongings.

No one was hurt, confirmed Mathe, but the minister is still “shocked”.

“The minister and her bodyguards are receiving medical treatment,” says Mathe.

“The security detail will be placed on special leave to deal with the incident,” she said further.

The police are investigating a case of armed robbery. 

These saddening news follows the kidnap by another ANC’s electoral committee secretary Chief Livhuwani Matsila, who survived a 20-hour kidnapping ordeal last week in Pretoria.

According to City Press on Sunday, reported that Matsila was kidnapped by people who were asking questions about his role in the ANC.

Chief Matsila has also been vocal against those implicated in the VBS Mutual Bank scandal.

He was kidnapped on Sunday and released on Monday morning after making means to pay ransom money.

This trend is worrisome as national elections take place in 2024.

Image (Unhurt but shocked. Minister of Transport Sindisiwe Chikunga and bodyguards were robbed on Monday morning).

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