Trump trumps over Clinton in US hotly contested elections!

Its sharp, sharp. Newly US elect Donald Trump overshadowed Hillary Clinton to ascend to the White House seat.

Well, shock depending which side of the fence are you…

And he will be marching towards White House anytime soon.

He said he was “reaching out” to the people who had not supported him to “unify the country”.

“Now it’s time to bind the wounds of division. I say to Democrats and Republicans it is time come together as one united people,” he said.

“I pledge to be president for all Americans,” he said, adding: “The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer.”

He said it was not a campaign but a movement that had won him the White House, comprised of “all people of different backgrounds and beliefs”.

He said victory had been “tough”. “This political stuff is nasty and it’s tough,” he said, while thanking his family.

The outspoken Republican outsmart the hopeful Hillary Clinton, who lost major Cities.

The billion dollar question is what will ‘Mr Talkative’ bring to Africa and South Africa?

At the time of publishing political commentators, economists, religious organizations and businesses were still reeling from the shock that has gripped the world globally.

Well, the sooner we get it that the new Sheriff is in town, the better!

Meanwhile, one needs to admit and proudly state nonchalantly; I’m going to miss living in the age were the first ever black person was the president of one of most powerful States in the world: USA.

Barack Obama, the Kenyan born and an Advocate –by profession- has and will continue to change the misconceptions that a Black person can’t make it. He did it, without failure despite stiff challenges from oppositions, persecutions and racism, as you would expect from any democratic state.

This is a lesson that any black child should forever be etched in her/his mind.

Again, let me take this opportunity to reiterate that I was fortunate to live in the era of another great legend and the very first black democratically elected president in SA Dr Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.

May his Soul rest eternally in Peace!

Yes, it was the ‘very first ever’ and I shall forever relive those moments for as long, as I shall live.

So long Mr Obama, so long!


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