Gauteng youth's need capacitating-MEC Mahlangu

This was the affirmation by the MEC for Gauteng Economic, Tourism and Development Qedani Mahlangu during today’s media brief at the departments new head office, Johannesburg.

Outlining the departments involvement in trying to curb youth unemployment by 10%, the MEC outlined that the database created for aspiring youth individuals or group in the Province should help in identifying possible business opportunities currently available but not accessible due to lack of information, know-how and lack of facilities.


“The database which has been created has had a good response from the public and overwhelming, however, the core problem is some of key submitted information was lacking. Having said that, we will go back to the applicants and help them in completing the forms so that we’re able to identify the kind of skills one has,” she says.

MEC and her department have partnered with the Y-Age, a Youth and Graduate Entrepreneurship to assist and create job opportunities instead of being job hoppers.

Since its implementation last year, 140 000 applications were receiving the appropriate attention, whereas the remaining 20 000 would need the department’s and Y-Age intervention.

“The partnership entered into with other private sectors would enable us to capacitate our database and improve the much needed skills by our youths’.”

Training, mentorship programmes and capacitating would be spearheaded by Y-Age, whose chief executive JJ Tabane, said was an exciting programme which would include both varsity graduates and unemployed youths’.

Our core mandate is to nationalise our footprint as soon as we’re happy with this pilot project, says the unassuming Tabane.

On the issue of racial background -of which she did not disclose the stats – and disability, the MEC said all the races have been invited to take advantage of such opportunities since this is a democratic state; and on disability, she emphasized unequivocally that, the disabled would receive preference.

In her typical diplomatic gesture, MEC boasted that, other provinces were following their model.

For further information visit:www.ecodev.gpg.gov.za or sms Y-AGE to 34747 it costs only (R1.50)


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