Generations star Gatvol with 60s organisers!

Another payment row has erupted following the non-payment of Generations star–cum comedian Thato Molamu better known as “Nicholas”. 

Thato who was attending the 60’s weekend’s fest, was spitting-fire for not being paid R20,000 due to him by the organisers, Mo-Lite Productions which has been running the franchised sixties for the past inglorious years’.

According to the latter, his services were solicited to MC the jazz event on Sunday which showcased the likes of Ringo and Zahara.

“I was approached and booked by Mo-Lite Productions to MC the jazz show at Ingwenyama Lodge for Sunday. Having agreed to my terms and the amount, it was confirmed again by the organizers that I would MC the event.

“Upon arrival with my SABC crew, of which some did not attend the Saturday’s show due to non-issuing of access cards for coverage purposes, I approached Sam Sekgota and Thabo Sekele, the Mo-Lite Productions owners on my payment for Sunday.

Importantly, it should be pointed out that I left Jozi without any deposit or whatsoever thinking the guys will sort me out, having made a promise to process my payment. How wrong I was?” says the Gatvol Thato.

“During the Saturday’s event, I was approached by both of them and told my fee has been reconsidered, which meant it has been whittled down from original R20 000 to R10 000. To my amazement I, asked what led to that and why now?

The so arrogant Sekele, instead insisted that I should not be paid and left me high and dry,” continued Thato. 

“Having realised I was been used, I decided not to go ahead with the MC job and left on Sunday in the wee hours of the morning for my shoot in Jozi.”

“It would be a waste of time. Apparently, they did not pay other artists and Djs hence they did not show up for the fest,” he says, after being asked why not open a case for defamation.

“Sooner or later these guys are going to damage the sixties brand of which the North West guys worked hard for; and the possibility of losing sponsors is imminent,” pointed-out the irate Thato.

Posed to him what would his message be to other service providers, Thato said, don’t agree to anything before you’re fully paid by Mo-Lite Productions, that’s if you have guts to work with them.

Contradicting the whole drama, Sekgota said they only asked for Thato’s quote to MC the jazz.

“Yes, we did approach him but his quote of R20 000 was way out of our budget.

Put to him, why they did not advise him on time instead of playing hide and seek, Sam said there was nothing they could do.

Asked, why Thato was told -arrogantly for that matter- at the event that his fee would be cut, and his partner actually told him he will not be paid, Sam failed dismally to respond and dropped the phone.

Last year, RnB legend John Legend was supposed to have performed at 60s but due to non payment of R4m by Molite Productions he pulled out.

According to a daily newspaper, Abel Motsogi owner of Kgabo Engineers, is reported to have loaned the disgruntled organisers R1,5m for the show.

Motsogi has been quoted saying, Sekgota and Sekele made it seem as though they needed his R1.5-million to get the performer when they actually needed other investors.

The matter is currently before court.

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