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GFC on warpath to transform industry in the province

He was speaking last night at the send-off party at the luxuriant Fire and Ice Hotel- Melrose Arch, for film makers who will be making their way to the Durban International Film Festival which starts this Thursday July 19 to 29 in Durban.

“We’re going to make radical shifts which will benefit our budding and established film makers in the province,” says the pint-sized Masina.

“We can no longer accept our stakeholders (film-makers) die as paupers when, in our disposal the resources are aplenty. “

On the transformation side, he spared no words and promised to transform the industry which mostly benefited the few.

“This kind of treatment and mentality in this province will have to change and for us to do that; we will need your support to carry that forward and develop new innovative ideas which would be beneficial to all, rather an individual.”

On the developmental side, Masina has promised to engage extensively through workshops with budding film-makers to understand their concerns, frustrations and how to access funding, amongst others.

 The agency is in talks with various organizations on the conceptualization of another ‘agency’ which would be responsible for fashion, music, arts, publishing, and so forth.

Capitalizing on the success of the agency thus far, Masina pointed out that next year Johannesburg will be hosting the International Film Festival, although he did not divulge further details.




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