Gloves are off as Maile goes defensive!

Maile accused Malema of being responsible for the disappearance of millions of rand belonging to the ANCYL while he was its president.

Maile lodged the full-blown attack on the EFF leader a few days after Malema announced his intention to contest the 2014 national elections.

He warned Malema to refrain from calling ANC national executive member and spokesman Jackson Mthembu a “drunkard” during his public utterances.

“Jackson Mthembu apologised for his actions. Julius Malema must stop calling people drunkards when you are a drunkard yourself – a drunkard and a womaniser. You must see them in their private parties sipping expensive champagne and then womanising,” Maile said.

He said he had had an opportunity to attend some of the parties at which Malema and his team indulged in expensive alcohol and womanising.

Maile said Malema and his EFF team should stop portraying themselves as “revolutionaries who uphold moral standards” while they knew they engaged in “disgusting things”.

At the media briefing, Maile asked: “Where is the money of the ANC Youth League? The ANC Youth League owes (creditors) more than R50 million.”

Last month, events company Z2 Presentations – which trades as University Events Management – applied to the Johannesburg High Court to have the ANCYL liquidated.

In an affidavit in court, the company’s owner, Willem Adendorff, said the ANCYL owed his company R12.8m after it arranged accommodation and catering for the youth league’s national conference in Bloemfontein in 2008.

ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe said in a replying affidavit in court the ANCYL had neither assets nor money to settle the R15m lawsuits against it.

The matter is still pending in court.

Maile said on Tuesday Malema was responsible for the league’s financial troubles. He also appealed to ANCYL members and other people not to join Malema’s party.

Maile also asked his supporters not to disrupt EFF gatherings.

“The reason Malema formed a political party was due to the fact that the doors of tenders were closed in Limpopo. They now want that money for political parties from Parliament to fund their expensive lifestyles.

“Mr Sushi (Kenny Kunene) is struggling to fund his lifestyle. They are going to fight over those parliamentary funds…

The media does not ask Malema where he gets his millions,” Maile said.

Malema said in response on Tuesday that Maile’s comments bordered on defamation.

He said he was considering legal action against Maile, and wanted him to retract his statements and to apologise.

The EFF commander-in-chief denied that he was a drunkard and womaniser.

“I was never in a private party with Maile and womanised. I am not a womaniser, I am a 32-year-old man with one child. I do not have a girlfriend.

“Maile is 33 years old or more with no less than six children. He is expecting twins as we speak,” Malema said.

He would not apologise for his comments on Mthembu, saying he was convicted of drunk driving and remained a drunkard who had apologised.

“A person who is convicted of rape remains a rapist,” Malema said.

He planned to sue Maile for alleging that he had embezzled ANCYL funds, adding that Maile was part of the ANCYL conference in 2010 that adopted the financial report of former treasurer Pule Mabe, Malema said.



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