Grosvenor Apartments economical for travelers

Welcome. The Faircity Grosvenor Gardens in Hatfield is welcoming.

September has been dedicated to fellow mzansi citizens to travel locally in an effort to improve domestic traveling and explore the beauty and scenery SA has in abundance.

Unfortunately, we’re not taking that opportunity or not traveling as much as we would like to for obvious reasons.

Take for instance this 4-Star Graded Faircity Grosvenor Gardens Apartments in Hatfield, Pretoria.

For starters it is affordable depending on the type of  accommodation you’re interested in.

It offers self catering and long stay accommodation for both local and international travelers.

Upon our arrival at the establishment, we were warmly welcomed by a friendly and very helpful gentleman, who made our arrival convenient as possible, by showing us around and ordered we have indulge and have fun as much as we like.

And boy we did…but only after our return from the annual Heritage Jazz at Moretele Park-Mamelodi.

Our apartment room number 9 -remember vividly- consisted of two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and a lounge. Also, brought to our attention was the 24/hour laundry, for usage by guests and visitors.

As a self catering, utensils were clean so were other stuff. Look, I need to emphasize this everything was spic and span, stru!

“Please make sure you order your breakfast before leaving, you will need it,” pointed out our ‘host’ with a ginger smile and a strong Afrikaans accent –in the absence of General Manager Yolandi Jansen van Vuure.

You see, the policy at Faircity Grosvenor Gardens is that guests pay only for the room and not per person as opposed to other establishments .

Since Pretoria is the second largest Embassy Capital globally, Foreign Diplomats from across Africa and abroad, require comfortable, long-stay accommodation that meets their standard; and this tells why it was packed upon our arrival on Saturday afternoon.

Spacious. The garden at the Grosvenor is one of the draw cards, although there isn’t a swimming pool on sight.

Pretoria, for the uninitiated is known as Jacaranda City owing to its majestic trees that are line-up next to Embassies and shops, if not next to your home.

For convenience, Faircity Grosvenor Gardens is within 400m of the Hatfield Gautrain Station, Hatfield Square and the Urology Hospital.

It must be said the owners Faircity Hotels made a business decision by acquiring these apartments.

But as for you and I, let’s travel and visit such places that are only a stone-throw away from you your comfort zone.

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