H5 packs a punch!

From a distance, the H5 looks like a Ford, Cherokee, Toyota, or a VW 4X4.  With its imposing side windows that carry the hallmark of a Mercedes Benz’s indicator lights, the H5 is a car made for the road – it is packed with technology and yet made for the hard working man!

The dazzle is in its front rear mirror which has a build in video camera to allow the driver to view all the hidden parking corners.

The diesel manual version is a smooth drive that requires a lot of concentration. While very hard on the gears, it takes time to get used to. The only downfall would be the brakes which needed one to use a bit of a force to apply.

As a utility vehicle, the H5 did not turn too many heads in the streets. But, having test driven the 2.0 VGT DIESEL, you will realize why this vehicle can compete with the rest. However, what would set it apart in the competitive SUV market is price and marketing.

Not a lot of brand conscious people know about the H5, therefore the manufacture has to rise up to the challenge of strategically pricing and marketing  the vehicle to a consumer market already inundated with established automobile brands.

Again, it must be noted that, there is certainly a market for the H5. The name of the vehicle and why they named it as such conjures a lot of history about China and the significance of the Great Wall.

As the Asian economic power,  the GWM needs to be given more visibility perhaps by emphasizing China’s rich history and close ties with South Africa and why such a SUV can be an economic bridge between the two countries.

Its’ spacious, bald and it’s a life you’ve always dreamed of! After-all it competed in the latest Dakar rally.

VERDICT: Performance (6 out of 10).

Looks (5 out of 10).

Technology (6 out of 10).

The latest price list ranges from R219 990 to R249 990 depending on the model, features and colour.

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