Hyundai Veloster arrives in SA, finally!

The latest Hyundai Veloster (will it be a star?) has now landed in SA, following a series of postponements by the manufacturers, ja ne!

Ok, before you get too excited it will only be launched this month, so you can start making inquiries…

The question on members of the ‘fourth estate’ is whether it’s a coupe or a hatch?   

The Hyundai Veloster brings you the best of both with its unique asymmetrical 2 + 1 door styling. It’s in fact twice the car you’d expect to get with its dynamic design, powerful performance and endless list of functional and fancy features.

Convenience Features: Hyundai’s packed the Veloster with a host of comfort features including keyless entry, air conditioning, clever storage compartments, cup holders, power windows and an entertainment system with steering wheel controls as well as other optional extras such as cruise control, engine start button, exterior folding mirrors, Auto Light Control headlamps, seat warmers, rear parking assist and a 4-way power seat with lumbar support.

On the safety features it has been fitted with every possible active and passive feature ranging from Electric Stability Control (ESC), Vehicle Stability Management (VSM), Traction Control System (TCS), Brake Assist, ABS, front active headrests and 6 airbags.

It comes in two models, the 1.6 GDi manual Veloster price is R259,900.00 and 1.6 GDi dual clutch goes for R 276,900.00.

Ok, now you know what to expect, its only appropriate to say this market is becoming more exciting, aggressive and of course, competitive!

Keep glued to this space for insight information on whether its a ‘hatch or coupe’ following the launch, and whether the postponement was worth it after the test drive…


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