Sophiatown play comes to Soweto!

This classic play, written by The Junction Avenue Theatre and first performed in 1986, is opening at the new Soweto Theatre, performed by the Sophiatown-based Kofifi Theater Company to celebrate 100 years of Sophiatown being a neighbourhood. It is directed by Billy Langa and Makhomo Tsepa.

Kofifi Theatre Company was formed by a group of Huddleston Centre ambassadors in 2010 and toured to the UK with three previous productions, including at the Contact the World Youth Theatre Festival which selected 12 theatre companies from across the globe to collaborate together.

Kofifi works in partnership with the UK based Gloucester Theatre Company, who cast two of Kofifi’s members in lead parts for their own productions – ‘Othello’ (Kessington Moolman) and ‘The Crucible’ (Makhomo Tsepa). Alexander Gifford and Adrian Locher, from Gloucester TC are co-producers on the Sophiatown project.

Sophiatown tells the story of the vibrant multi-cultural freehold suburb between central Jozi and Soweto where 60,000 people lived in chaotic harmony until forced removals in 1955. The arrival of a Jewish girl to stay in the tiny house of Mamariti, a shebeen queen, forces everyone to confront the realities of life under apartheid and the shared pain that dictates their futures.

Through songs and comedy, the eight characters bring alive the dreams of gangster Mingus and writer Jakes, Ruth and schoolgirl Lulu; Fafhee the passionate congress member calls for protest and everyone hopes that the removals will be avoided.

The play showcases at the Soweto theatre from April 5th to 7th with matinee performances on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th, and we are particularly inviting people who were themselves forcibly removed in the 1950s to be in the audience.

Pensioners can book at a discounted price.

Tickets: R35 per person at the door or in advance.

Dates and times are: 5th at 19:00; 6th at 15:00 and 20:00; 7th April at 17:00.


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