"I miss the intimacy" says Barbz

“I was not yet ready to leave, but an exit leads to a new entry, I hope,” she said.

“Being in the house was fantastic and also gruelling for someone like me who is addicted to a cellphone.

“I missed twitter, hanging out with friends in my salon.”

“I went into the house to re-brand my identity. People have always perceived me as an outgoing socialite. I wanted to change that from the outgoing Barbz into the woman I really am,” she said.

Barbz said she found it difficult living with different people but that she was prepared for it.

“I resigned myself to it. I thought it would be easy but it was quite difficult. I was judged for my looks first of all,” she said.

Barbz, who is in a long distance relationship with her boyfriend of nine months, said: “I missed my man and for me intimacy is like Christmas.”

Barbz and Kenya’s Prezzo clashed a lot in the reality show. She described their relationship as being “beyond dislike”.

“Prezzo had been on my case from day one. I disliked how he referred to me as a barbie doll. We had many fights. What I felt was deeper than dislike.”

Barbz also believes Prezzo acted the way he did “because he had the hots for me but could not get me”.

She said relationships among house mates changed as people came and left. But she regards her friendship with Namibian Lady May and fellow South African Keagan as those worth keeping.

“I don’t know if it is worth it … but for being civil, Lady May became a friend and no doubt Keagan too.”

Barbz expressed her disappointment about Nigerian Goldie and Sierra Leon’s Zainab – whom she was once close to. Goldie became close to Barbz’s nemesis Prezzo. She also learned after her departure that Zainab intended nominating her for eviction.

She also said: “If I were to go back in the house, I would keep to people who are harmless and stay away from the back stabbers.”


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