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IG cornered by former SSA DG

ALTHOUGH cleared, former State Security Agency Director-General for Domestic Intelligence, Advocate Mahlodi Muofhe, is initiating lawsuit against IG.

IG cornered by former SSA DG

This follows allegations made by Inspector General Dr Setlhomamaru Dintwe, that Adv Muofhe falsified his qualifications.

This led to Muofhe resigning that caused uneasiness in the State Security Agency and the country in July this year.

This week he was cleared of any wrong-doing by the IG after a year of investigations.

Responding on his acquittal, Muofhe said he was disgusted that the IG failed to do a very basic thing: ‘to authenticate my qualifications’.

“If he dismally failed to this basic check, how does SA expect him to conduct very sensitive and complex matters that has to do with SSA?” he asked.

“I’m very hurt because this affected my reputation, my family, friends and former colleagues who know me very well that I do not subscribe to corruption or whatsoever,” he said.

This vindicates me but I will be launching civil matter against the IG, he pointed out.

“I am doing it for South Africans because if we are to rebuild our country, we are not supposed to accept mediocrity creeping in the way it did in terms of impugning my integrity,” he said.

He hoped that such incidents would be a thing of the past now that the State Security Agency had been relocated to the Presidency.

SSA has a good, young team that does a sterling job and must be protected, says Adv Muofhe.

Image (Fighting back, Adv Mahlodi Muofhe has opened a civil case against IG).

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