In motion BlueMotion Polo!


This is a version of the VW Polo, a classy, practical and popular hatchback.

Although there are some aerodynamic enhancements and an idle-stop system contributing to its fuel sipping abilities, its main weapon is a 1.2-litre three-cylinder turbodiesel engine.

True to its looks, all and sundry had a stare at it once, twice and thrice whether parked or on the road. Its indicative of typical VW touch, stru!  

Despite its diminutive size, it manages to push out 55kW at 4200rpm and 180Nm at 2000 and on the few occasions that I wasn’t chasing economy figures, it actually felt really strong for something in its price range.

As for the rest of the driving experience, road holding is neat and the steering feels good, but the ride is a tad firmer than I’d expect on anything this side of a hot hatch.

Another refinement issue is that too much engine noise makes its way into the otherwise serene cabin. Is it possible though to do re-work on that? Talk of trying my luck!  

The BlueMotion has what’s undeniably the classiest cabin in its segment, its combination of a neat design and soft-touch surfaces making it feel like a downscaled Golf in every respect.

 Yep, another turn off is the cramped footwell, but the rest of the interior, including the rear cabin and boot, boasts enough room to compete with the best in this segment.

Even if we ignore VW’s claims, the BlueMotion is economical, owin’ to ever increasing diesel and petrol globally. Will it ever stop though?

It retails for R176 300 which by its standards is affordable to any VW aficionadas.

My honest assessment its worth owning one…


1-10 (Diesel) 8

1-10 (Performance) 6


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