Influentially pleasing-Renault Influence

The mid-sized saloon Fluence brought joy to yours truly as we conducted our test drive recently.

True, motor manufacturers and designers are trying hard to impress the demanding buyers with Germans trying to outdo French and Americans trying to outsmart the Japanese and Chinese, et al…

Yep, its dog it dog world folks!     

But Fluence, who did have an influence on the public, resembles the dynamics and smoothness. And the leg space is something to write home about.

Less features and technology in the Renault Fluence is multifaceted and good sound quality is at your fingertips with a RadioSat Classic system, which includes fingertip remote control and MP3 compatible CD player, amongst others.

On the road it can hold on its own, which makes it more balanced and too comfortable to play with.

According to the French company, it boasts sobriety and performance which came in handy, albeit it consumed a lot of petrol having to visit the filling station thrice in a week. Oops.

The exterior brings out some aerodynamics and interior leather is superbly fitted

Both the Dynamique and Privilège models are fitted with temperature control with regulated dual-zone air-conditioning, something which the buyers would associate with and adjustable airvents in the back, passengers also enjoy the benefit of the air-conditioning.

Authentique model features light grey upholstery, air-conditioning, Renault keycard, electric windows, Radio/CD/MP3 with steering wheel controls and six airbags. Prices are:

It retails for R189 900.

Others retail in the following segment:

Fluence Authentique: R189 900; Fluence Expression 1.6: R204 900, Fluence Dynamique 1.6: R224 900, Fluence Privilège 2.0: R249 900


1-10: (5) Performance; Speed and Brakes (7)

Indeed, Renault Influence did have an impact, influentially…


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