International chef Reza is back on our screens!

That’s Reza Mahammad for you, food aficionadas! 

Having traveled Africa in an effort to play and test various recipes according to each countries culture, Reza is back on our screens for good.  

The Spice Prince Returns. Following his successful outing bringing the cuisine and culture of Rajasthan to food Nework, Reza Mahammad is about to put on his crown and take Southern Africa by storm.

In his latest series Reza’s African Kitchen, he explores African cuisine, from the spicy Indian influences of Botswana, Namibia, Zanzibar, Zambia, and South Africa.

Reza goes on horse back safari, tiger fishing, gets friendly with ostriches, herds sheep, snorkels and more, all in his endeavour to uncover the diversity of flavours and fabulous ingredients which populate the food heritage of Southern Africa.

Back in his own breath-taking African kitchen, Reza uses his travels as inspiration to create his own delicious dishes with a spicy Indian twist.

Addressing guests and media during his food offering, Raz said Africa was his best destination compared to other states.

“The reason for that was I, had a luxury to use various combinations and recipes to prepare food for Kings and Queens which made my life and traveling crew uncomplicated, hence my return,” he boasted.
The celebrity Indian Chef Reza’s African Kitchen show spices up from March 25 on weekdays with repeat on Mondays and Sundays on Food Network channel on Dstv 24/7.

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