Is Kenny "Sushi-King" Kunene a real deal?

Kunene made the remarks during an interview with Phat Joe on Metro FM on Saturday morning, reports Wonted.

Kunene has previously claimed to have as many as 15 girlfriends staying with him in his upmarket Sandton “harem” and with whom he has one night stands.

When Phat Joe asked Kunene, who owns the ZAR nightclub brand, if he thinks he can attract so many beautiful young girls all at once because of his money and fame, Kunene replied: “When I was a student, I had multiple girlfriends; and when I was a teacher I also had multiple girlfriends, so it is not of my current financial situation.”

Phat Joe’s co-host Pearl Thusi asked Kunene: “When you were a teacher, did you sleep with your students?”

Kunene replied that he did, and some might have been under the age of 16. The age of consent in South Africa, according to the Sexual Offences Act, is 16.

“That’s statutory rape,” exclaimed Pearl, and Kunene agreed without hesitation, writes Wonted. He later took to Twitter to say that some of the students he slept with were older than him.

When confronted with a barrage of tweets about his remarks, Kunene responded:
Kunene also appeared on SABC3’s 3Talk with Noleen Maholwana Sangqu with 5 of his 15 girlfriends for an interview. The 43 year-old ex-convict turned businessman claims the women he dates only sleep with him and go for regular HIV tests.

“Life is too short to be taking girls out for dates and to restaurants,” Kunene told Noleen Maholwana Sangqu. “Mina I say it there and there, sometimes I don’t even propose. Women are easy”.

On Twitter on Monday morning, Kunene remained unfazed by the backlash from various political parties.



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