Is this what should be celebrated on our roads?

Wrong, because what you see on this image is the opposite of what should be celebrated on our roads.

This morning, a Metrobus and a taxi collided in the busy and going under construction Louis Botha Avenue, that is earmarked for Rea Vaya Bus Route.

The bus passenger –an old lady (seen in the picture) had to climb over the taxi from the bus, after the accident.

Because the bus door exit is on the left (used both by the driver and passengers) everyone, including the driver, had to climb over the taxi because the exit of the bus collided with the taxi driver’s door.  

The picture taken using a mobile phone, shows a woman being assisted by other surviving passengers from both the bus and a taxi.

By the time we approached already other passengers had climbed over the taxi.

By the Grace of God; no one was hurt.

Now, how do we celebrate Transport Month when such incidents keep playing out on our roads?


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