It is not over – Malema

 This comes after the mitigating route which the ANC Disciplinary Committee took last night.

In a surprise move, the opposition party COPE throwed its weight behind the ‘rational’ decision taken by the ruling party. It’s a known theory that COPE has been on Malema’s case for behaving unpolitical and unconstitutional.

After the announcement yesterday, ‘Juju’ has been given 14 days to appeal the sentence, however, this will come to naught since he did not meet his obligation to appease the powers that be at Luthuli House, particularly the President of ANC Jacob Zuma whom they’ve grown apart.

At his home town Seshego, Limpopo it was reported that brutal clashes surfaced between those who back Malema and his opponents in the same street his granny stays.

As a result, gun-fire shots and pelting of stones took place and law enforcement agencies had to take cover as well.

His sympathisers are reported to have met in a huff to deal with the sentence outcome.

DA leader Helen Zille whom ‘Juju had a severe working relationship said politics in this country would be different without him.

But the defiant ‘Juju’ is reported to have sharpened his arsenals having said, “it’s going to be a muddy and rough road ahead. If you’re not strong, you are going to fall on the wayside”.

Would such comments be taken slightly or with serious contempt, we await the aces Juju has under his sleeves?


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