It was a question of when not how for Kenny Kunene?

 This was confirmed by the The Star.

Kunene told The Star newspaper that after considering “a lot of things” he decided to resign from his position in the EFF and from his role as head of campaigns, mobilisation and special projects.

According to the report Kunene said EFF leader, Julius Malema has accepted and respected his decision.

Although he was considered a ‘good catch’ for the newly formed movement, Kunene’s position always raised eyebrows considering his controversial and way-ward behavior in the public.

Yes, this is a short lived political career of Kunene.

 “Obviously I’d like to see economic freedom being realised and I will remain an economic freedom fighter for ordinary people.

The direction I am taking from now will determine if I will still be active in EFF,” he told The Star.

Unconfirmed reports are that position jostling at EFF will see exodus of other ‘wanna-be’ politicians.

Some of the public members we spoke to said, it was only a matter of time.

“Don’t forget the formation of EFF is all about egos and positions. So, this is the beginning and the end of EFF, “says one ANC member from Naledi, Soweto. 

Quo Vadis Kenny?




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