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JAC Motors looks for growth in SA, and it should after testing its T6 range

AS FAR as the dimensions go- the JAC T6 is slightly smaller on the outside than the new boys- but only it does not have flared fenders and other oversized panneling which give the latest models their bulky appearance.

JAC Motors looks for growth in SA, and it should after testing its T6 range

We tested the brand new T6 4X4 and yes, it did not disappoint as per the usual norm that any Chinese brand is questionable.

This was confirmed by its status quo as it ravaged through the mud (thanks to much needed rain) and unpleasant potholes in the North West Province. Yes, this region is a headache- finish & klaar!

It boast powerful and easy to use 1.9 litre diesel common rail turbocharged engine that is complemented by solid power output of 100Kw/320 Nm.

The JAC T6 is fitted with a 5 speed manual transmission that made our lives off-road more pleasant to play with.

Just like any Chinese brands namely GWM and JMC, the carrot JAC is hanging in front of buyers noses is, you guessed right, luxury features.

It brings driving comfort and premium interior finishing such as NCAP 4 Star quality safety rating, dual airbags, ABS and EBD and 7- inch touch screen with rear-view parking camera.

Inside cabin is plastic but the fit is good and the overall layout is pleasing, so is leather seats.

As you’d expect on most Bakkies, the T6 is a noisy diesel which, though it does not feel like it, sounds agricultural and lacked explosive power which other smaller turbodiesels possesses.

That was the snag.

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t mind getting one for grazing as it can stand the farm’s ‘unopulence‘- If I may.

Derrick Bishop, who boasts an incredible track-record within the motoring industry, has been appointed the chief operating officer at JAC Motors (Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd.)

He told SLM that two-years the company has been in SA, it has a 45 nationwide dealer network and operates in more than 130 countries.
“Future projections”, he tells that,” to grow the brand and compete with the best”.

Other aspects to consider when looking to purchase a JAC T6 are after-sales backup and resale value.

It provides a 5 year/150,000km manufacturer warranty, 5 year/60,000km service plan

The JAC Motors has other 4x2s in its range.

It retails for R354 900


Performance 1-10 (4)

Diesel 1-10 (4)

Image SLM (The JAC T6 4X4 boasts luxury features)

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