Jimmy Tau is a livid man following his sacking!


According to “Moremogolo” as Tau is known, he was called in by the club’s Football Manager Bobby Motaung yesterday morning alongside his manager Jazzman Mahlagane, to meet only to be told he was offloaded.

This, according to the latter, was unprofessional in such a way that he felt he was supposed to have been notified on time, just like other players’ so that he should have made alternative plans for his future.

“I must say this was unacceptable they way I was treated by the club I’ve played for with loyality and commitment for years’, “says the agitated Tau.

“My manager and I, were surprised by the turn of events and how this could have been better handled. Its more of a personal thing than football,” he said in a broken heart.

“Being offloaded is not a problem, the fans and the public should know but how it was handled is. Like I said its personal than football, “he reiterated.

For his businessman acumen and well mannered off-the-field behavior, this year Tau was punted by the ANCYL as one of its Ambassadors. The latter also owns a thriving business in his home town in Northern Cape.

Mahlagane said he was playing golf when approached for comment and Motaung was unavailable for comment.




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