Judge orders Isidingo star to attend anger management classes

The ruling, made at the Randburg magistrate’s court by Magistrate Lasina Kahn, came after Jele was involved in an accident with another vehicle on the N1 highway in March.

It was alleged that Jele assaulted the driver of the other vehicle, Caryl Ramsoen, after the two had an argument at the scene of the accident.

A social worker’s report said Jele was insulted after the accident, and hit Ramsoen with open hands.

Ramsoen appears to have laid an assault charge, which the Magistrate withdrew provisionally so that Jele could attend the classes.

According to Sowetan, Jele said she would “abide” by the court order, and added, “I’m also prepared to attend classes that start next month.”

Do you think the ruling is fair?

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