KAYA FMs Greg Maloka resigns abruptly but the big question is WHY?

Four female employees (identity withheld) at the station laid complaints of sexual harassment against Maloka, four month ago that led to his suspension and long, tiring investigations by the KAYAFM board.

His sudden letter of immediate resignation has raised eye-brows in that while investigations were on going, Maloka decided to jump ship.

He also faced litany of allegations such as abusing company card and favouritism, amongst other charges leveled against him.

The KAYA FM board in its memo to staff read: “Following a thorough and independent investigation commissioned by the Board of Directors of Kaya FM into various allegations regarding the management of the station, Greg Maloka decided to resign as Managing Director of the company with immediate effect.”

The memo said that through a board resolution that has recently been passed by the Directors of the company, for good order; Maloka’s resignation was duly accepted by the Board.

Kaya FM said to their staff, “You will all agree that this matter remains one of the most sensitive and testing issues the Board has ever dealt with, and as such the Board is quite acutely aware of the impact this matter has had on our own employees and other affected individuals alike.”

According to the memo, this initiative was unconditionally embraced by the Board as the Board sincerely believed it was necessary to make absolutely sure that the workplace was a safe environment for all staff and stakeholders.

“We further believed that the intervention will bring forth some strong internal culture shift which would ensure we have a conducive homespace for everyone going forward. We remain unconditionally committed to this resolve beyond just this past process but all the way into the future.”

The company thanked their employees as well, saying, “Out of respect for everyone who had opted to be part of this strenuous and taxing process, the KayaFM Board will always be grateful for your act of bravery and selflessness. The Board will now start reviewing the key findings from all reports compiled, lessons learnt from this experience and make all requisite adjustments for the creation of a better KayaFM for all.”

“Now is the time that we take that difficult and painful first step and find a way to move forward. Simultaneously, let us all be always and ever mindful of the fact that the Board remains truly committed to ensuring that Kaya FM continues to support and nurture its staff in general; is committed to the development of its people; serves, grows and strengthens its listener base; and lastly delivers outstanding results to its stakeholders,” the memo concluded.

The ‘Muscial Maestro’ as he was known, was the Managing Director at KAYA FM at time of his resignation.

He did not answer phone for the right of reply.

Image (No smiling matter. Out in the cold. Greg Maloka has resigned from KAYA FM as MD following a litany of serious allegations leveled against him of sexual abuse, amongst others).

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