Kenny returns and we've missed you!

This follows the imminent disappearance of the popular but fanfare show hosted by the initiator and owner of Zar Bar Club Kenny Kunene.

Most of the show centred around Zar Bar which has been shut-down, however, it remains to be seen what and how Kenny and ETV would conjure up this time around.

‘So What’ second series goes on air at 8.30pm tonight on ETV, having being moved from Saturdays’ show.

Rumour-mill has it that Kunene is broke and that is why the club closed down, perhaps this is the time to demystify the allegations and show he has still what it takes.

What’s on the public mind though, is can the ‘So What’ produce the controversy its associated with?

Happy producers have conceded that this will have the tongues-wagging.

Monde Twala, ETV channel head says: “We are excited about the return of ‘So What’.

 The show is about controversy, glitz and glamour.

“Viewers must brace themselves, tabloid entertainment is back. Viewers will go deeper into the life of Kunene, the truth to this self-made millionaire and his team.

“In So What 2, Kenny gives viewers more insight into his business dealings, travels, and of course, his opulent lifestyle.”

“Viewers are once again taken on a journey that started from poverty to the extravagance Kenny surrounds himself with.

Fast cars, beautiful women, exotic destinations the contrast between his current position and that of his past makes the show more than just a catalogue of bling. It makes a fascinating rags-to riches story that brings with it a series of conflicts between classes, cultures and good old-fashion values,” the producers add.

Is he down and out or just playing mind games, ‘So What’ has all the answers?


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