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KFC soundbites unveils upcoming DJs

“AT KFC, we believe music and good food brings people together and we are no stranger to the local music scene. As a brand, we are always looking for new ways to create meaningful and lasting experiences for our customers,” says Thabisa Mkhwanazi, KFC Corporate Affairs Director for Africa.

KFC soundbites unveils upcoming DJs

U were saying? Slikour interviewing one of the upcoming DJs at the KFC Soundbite launch, at Kramerville.

She was addressing guests at the KFC Soundbite launch held in Kramerville, that saw the insignificant venue amassing hundred of celebrities, press and upcoming DJs.

Soundbite is a new music website experience platform initiated in partnership with hustler and music sensation Slikour.

How it works: Upcoming artists are invited to register on the website and upload their tracks onto the SoundBite platform.

Music fans can access the platform and listen to 30 second SoundBites of their favourite tracks and have the power to control the charts through likes, shares and downloads to move the songs up and down the chart.

DJ Sliqe says the platform affords consumers and music aficionados to access tracks without moving an inch.

“All is just button away and the rest is history since it’s easy to download. It will give us the platform to market our craft,” he said whilst pumping the decks.

Lending an ear. House musician Tamara Dey graced the launch and shared experience with upcoming DJs at the launch.

Asked if any of the DJs could feature as collab on his future projects, the amiable Slikour responded yes sir.

“That’s the plan behind this project to afford them an opportunity to grow and get their work to the outside world.”

Visit http://kfcSoundBite.com/where you can create a profile, upload, listen, share and unlock undiscovered music.

To unlock a full track, users need a unique code which they get on a KFC till slip when they purchase a KFC Streetwise 2 or 3. Easy, right?

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