KIA SA and Bouga Luv form a deadly partnership

 Kabelo “Bouga Luv” Mabalane is to launch his new album Immortal today. 

He will unleash his 7th album in partnership with KIA Motors, his first project to work with company in South Africa.

Immortal Volume 1, is the brainchild of “Bouga Luv” and this could as well cement and confirm his presence in the industry. He’s untouchable, if you may!
Dream Team SA, has been roped in to launch, market and promote the album, and of course increase sales.
Refiloe Ramogase, Director at Dream Team SA, says:”We are especially excited about Kabelo’s new offering. He has approached this album with the same energy and attention to detail as if it was his first ever album.
He has created an excellent all round album we feel will be a very strong contender at the SAMA Awards in 2012.”
Over a hundred music journalists from all over the country have been invited to the launch of this highly anticipated album. As part of the growing relationship between Kia Motors South Africa and Kabelo, this lent itself to an opportunity for an original CD launch concept.
Instead of a conventional listening session, the music journalists will listen to the new album while test driving the all-new Kia Rio ahead of its local media launch, scheduled to take place early November.

“This will be a very unique CD launch, and I am sure that not many artists have launched an album like this before,” comments Andre Pretorius PR and Product Marketing Manager, KIA Motors South Africa.

“Kia Motors South Africa is very excited to partner with Kabelo at this stage of his career. He is an outstanding brand ambassador and what really made him a fit into the Kia family is the similarities that exist between the story of his life and the journey of our company, and his philanthropic exploits,” added Pretorius.

“We are very excited about Kabelo’s latest album and we hope that he will be a strong contender at the SAMA Awards in 2012. We certainly believe that Immortal and the new Rio are destined for success in South Africa, and that the journalists will enjoy the new CD as much as the new Rio,” says Pretorius.

Rumour-mill has it that, most of his albums are a form of revenge or take a swipe at his fellow artists.

Whether this could make or break “Bouga Luv” remains to be seen!


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