Kizashi-something great has arrived!

Having had the luxury to test drive this ‘monster’ I, and my colleague had explaining to do from traffic officers to laymen who wanted the piece of it rather than us. Bloody agents…

Next time we’re opting for off-road expedition; don’t say we didn’t warn you, or kanjani?

Aha, we’re talking the brash vehicle in the market right now Suzuki Kizashi. The award winning vehicle, “Highest Ranked Vehicle Among Mid Sized Vehicles,” is a 4 door sedan classy, inspiring, and captivating car.

With its imposing looks, it has the ability to drive every car aficionado that comes in contact with it for the very first time insane or rather intrinsic.

Kizashi in Japanese means ‘something great is coming,’ is very fitting for this superbly designed vehicle.

Forget about hairpin bends and the long route to Durban, this monster is like what the doctor ordered!

The car is said to be the biggest passenger vehicle ever produced by Suzuki and clearly the effort was worth it. Its leather interior and exterior is so perfectly designed that a search for design flaws are hard to find leaving you in awe!

Renown for motorbike manufacturing, Suzuki will definitely give competing car brands a run for their money. The degree to which Suzuki is successful in selling this car to the South African consumer shall depend entirely on how much marketing resources they invest into this car. 

In terms of performance, it leaves you speechless.

With the economical burden hampering production in SA, the only turn-off is the high petrol consumption as it is bound to give you few headaches, if at all you’re not a careful and fuel conscious driver.  

Prized at R309 900 for manual and CVT automatic (including a 6-year/90 000 km service plan makes it competitive and worth the price. It will improve your status for its looks while offering you the confidence of being a member of an exclusive club of owners. 

More impressive are its low profile 18inch tyres which indulge a smooth drive and perfect balance. For a consumer looking to stand out in the crowded car market, buying the Suzuki Kizashi would ensure the brand stands out amongst its competitors in the form of Mazda 6, Ford Fusion and Subaru Legacy, amongst others.

As a contender for 2012 Car of the Year, Kizashi is well poised to clinch this hotly contested award, we declare.

Better luck next time guys -you know yourselves- who even went as far as bribing us for a ride, shoo!

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