Learners having sex in school's out of hand!

The Daily Voice handed over the video clip to the authorities after a concerned parent brought it to our attention.

There are fears that the video – which clearly shows a boy and girl, who look in their early teens, having sexual intercourse – has now gone viral among students in Cape Town.

The whistleblower, who does not want to be identified, found it on her nephew’s cellphone.

He told her it was sent to him from another friend, who attends a different school.

“I don’t know how far this clip has spread because my nephew belongs to another school,” she said. “The moment I saw it I took it from his phone.

“I don’t know what their [children in the video] parents would say if they must see this or what they must be going through if they found out about this.”

The WCED on Monday night vowed to investigate the footage after it was brought to their attention.

“We are deeply concerned about this case and are investigating it as a matter of urgency,” WCED spokeswoman Bronagh Casey explained.

“The video has only come to the department’s attention today. We were not aware of its existence and are trying to ascertain the location of the school.”

The footage – which is more than a minute long – shows the learners having sex inside an empty classroom while a third pupil records the act from above.

The graphic clip clearly shows a teen girl having sex with her classmate while sitting on his lap.

They are both still in their school uniform. The teenagers’ school uniform is identifiable on the video.

In the video, the boy’s pants are pulled down to his knees as he sits in a chair with one hand placed around the girl.

A few seconds into the recording the boy looks into the camera above him and smiles as the girl remains facing down.

The boy can be heard talking to the girl, but it is not clear what he is saying to her.

He’s also seen showing gang signs into the camera at the start and near the end of the recording.

The girl, who is dressed in a skirt and school jersey, leans over a desk as they began to have sex.

It is not clear if the kids used any protection.

Towards the end of the video, the girl suddenly looks up, as if noticing the camera for the first time.

She quickly tries to hide her face in embarrassment, indicating that she did not know she was being filmed.

While she seems shocked after discovering they were being watched, her male friend simply looks into the camera and smiles.

Educators on Monday night expressed their shock at the video.

Teachers Union Provincial Secretary Joavon said the footage was “a serious matter for concern”.

He added: “It is important that the boy and girl involved must seek counselling – and we must educate them.

“These children must also be made aware of the sexual viruses that could spread. And if the girl did not know she was being filmed, the boy must be expelled.”

Vice Chairperson of the Mount View High School governing body Anthony Corolus – himself a father of five – said parents should also be held responsible.

“This issue is rife at certain high schools,” he told the Daily Voice.

“Parents expect teachers to look after their kids when they forget educators are there to educate.

“Parents play a vital role in our children’s upbringing. We should stand up and take responsibility.”

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