Maile lays down the gauntlet: open facilities

He was addressing a media brief, following the SOPA by the Premier.

According to the MEC, this area has not been without challenges. “Our principal area of focus remains the challenge of resources, infrastructure and functional structures.”

This is one of amongst key priorities outlined by the MEC to be attended to during this year’s financial year end.

Amongst others include mass participation, water safety(learn how to swim programmes in partnership with yet to be announced parastatal),   Gauteng Sport Challenge, and school’s sport programmes which according to MEC, has been active in Gauteng but not aggressive enough to be highlighted.

Sport fund -not to be administered by the department- is also reaching conceptualization stages as per agreement during the Sport Indaba, last year. The purpose of this fund would not to disburse funding but should be the entity of the kind of a fund.

Although his speech was premised on social cohesion, nation building and inclusive citizenship, MEC did expatiate on what will happen and why, considering the backlog his department has to do deal with such as infrastructure, accessibility and funding.

Posed to him on the question of accessibility of infrastructure, following the incident which took place at Dobsonville Stadium, where athletes were refused entry to use the facility, Maile said this was of serious concern which needed urgent attention from both the municipality -which owns the stadium and the community.

“Unfortunately, such acts end up messing our plans but we’re on the verge of signing an MOU with municipalities to avail the facilities when required by the public, “he says.

“However, it should be clear from the onset that, community must also be aware that they cannot just use the facility for free when training. We hope with the MOU we shall also look at the issue of structural fee which has been the bone of contention.”

“The unfortunate incident at VW Dobsonville stadium this past week is but one of problems raising that ugly head which unfortunately cannot be ignored,” he says.

On the issue of funding model, he said they’re willing to help sporting federations with developing a marketable funding model to sensitize funders and sponsors.

However, he also took a swipe at some organizations for being greedy, corrupt and maladministered.

Without name dropping he said:“Those federations should know that our mandate is not to solicit funding for them but to help with regulations and policies, finish and klaar.”

We’re talking to them to stop the scourge of corruption, it is killing sport development in our country, particularly Gauteng, he said.

Also accessibility to other municipality run properties such as libraries, halls and parks would be discussed during the MOU. 

With SA being afforded the chance to host the 2013 AFCON, he said already they’re talking to SAFA on that matter. According to him, his will would be to host both the opening and finals.

Amongst other key projects mentioned includes, Gauteng Carnival which will seek to increase its footprints within the SADC states, the 100%Mzansi programme and Puisano Live Music Show- which caters for aspiring musicians, National Days-how to celebrate them, Geographical Names- has to do with rectifying some “corrupt” names, and the implementation of National Liberation Heritage Route- which seeks to preserve our heritage and allow communities tell their own stories in the best way they know possible, etc.

The overall impression of the speech is to make inroads on the oversight matters and attend to issues which could derail plans in executing school’s sport programmes amongst others, which the department has prioritized.

The MOU will be signed and finalized on March 2, 2012.

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