Makhwelwane festival indicates growth every year!

Part of Soweto’s heritage. BMW better tagged ‘Gushesh’ will be on display at this years’ Makhwelwane’s Festival at Mzimhlophe-Soweto.

The concept is derived from creating a commercial hub that involves community in Soweto over three- days.

The aim- to showcase ways in which tourism can benefit small businesses especially in GeePee neighbourhoods or townships like Soweto.

Makhelwane literally translated ‘neighbour’ brings Poka Street- Soweto, neighbourhood of Mzimhlope to a line-up of festivities and jamboree in the form of rented out houses to different enterprises to sell their wares or services to revelers or tourists.

This year, it will be a different ball game as musicians, DJs, vintage cars and cloths, kiddies cloths, accessories, food and cycling experience are on offer.

Soweto based organisers, Locrate Market in partnership with Gauteng Tourism Authority have gone all out to turn the festival into one of to-do list on the entertainment/travel calendar.

This is another #GPLifestyle event aimed at promoting Gauteng City Region, especially its townships, as a 24/7 entertainment and lifestyle hotbeds and part of the drive to grow the visitor economy and promote Festive Summer Campaigns by GTA.

“The idea behind Makhelwane is to create a commercial hub that involved the local community,” says Sifiso Dlangamandla, one of the entrepreneurs behind the Locrate Market, which hosts a popular monthly market in Soweto.

“Similar to a market where brands occupy 3m x 3m spaces, we host brands but in this instance each brand will occupy a house or share a house. The brands will be allowed to turn the house, within limits, into whatever space they wish for the weekend to promote their brand. Furthermore the local community policing forum is enlisted to provide event security services truly bringing all community stakeholder on board”.

Head of Marketing and Destination Promotions Barba Gaoganediwe at GTA says they support Makhelwane Festival because it anchors with its strategy of using events to attract growing numbers of visitors to the Gauteng City Region.

“Events are the lifeblood of tourism in Gauteng and it is with that in mind that we have thrown our weight behind Makhelwane Festival, which has grown steadily over the past four years and is replete with even more potential.”

Ok malume. Okmalumkoolkat forms part of the entertainment bill at the Makhwelwane Fest from December 2 to 4.

Activities include a Night Market, Story Telling and Musical Extravaganza at Lebo’s Backpackers and on the 3rd and 4th December 2016 it is a full street activation with lifestyle apparel on sale ranging from vintage cloths, accessories, food, music and cycling experience.

Some of the leading bands and DJ’s scheduled to perform at this annual street community festival includes The Maffinz, Urban Village, Aya Zungu, Shef and the Kitchen, Okmalumkoolkat and Kitchenmess. DJ’s feature The Rhythem Session, Kenzhero, Bubbles, Kid Fonque, Themba Lunacy, Just Themba, Brian and many others.

It begins from December 2 to 4 at Poka Street, Mzimhlophe.

Lebo’s Backpackers will also be hosting camping for the duration of the festival.

For more information and ticket prices go to: <http://www.gauteng.net>

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