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Mazda wins big at the international awards!

As the curtains fall on the well thought 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, some will have to back to the drawing board for some fine tuning!

Mazda wins big at the international awards!
mazda award

Global winners Mazda Motor Corporation team presented with their awards.

For Mazda Motor Corporation, they are still intact having been announced as winners in three categories, a phenomenal achievement.

The company’s global design team, Mazda CX-3 and Bike by KODO concept, were honoured in the Automotive Brand Conte, at the Städel Museum in Frankfurt on 15.

Mazda’s global design team received the Team of the Year award, SUV Mazda CX-3, was named Best of the Best in the ExteriorVolume Brand category and Bike by KODO Concept track racer displayed during Milan Design Week in April was recognized in the Parts & Accessories category.

“We are very excited about the awards presented for the CX-3, the Bike by KODO Concept and the Mazda Global Design Team who continue to create dynamic and energetic designs that excite our customers,” says David Hughes, MD Mazda Southern Africa.

Although no date has been confirmed, the Mazda SUV CX-3 will be soon launched in SA, according to head-honchos at the company.

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