Mini opens first stand-alone dealership in SA

The Mini brand in SA is one of the fastest growing brands associated mainly with the younger audience, and the mother company BMW is relishing on the prospects.

This could also augur well for Mini, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary in the country.

According to Christo Lindique, managing director at Legends @ Zambezi, they’re excited and look forward to creating a developing country with endless possibilities.

“We believe that we’ve made a sound investment, which was largely informed by the market research we carried out,” says Lindeque.

The dealership enjoys unparalleled exclusivity in the premium small car segments something that will afford it a competitive advantage. Being exclusive puts MINI in a comfortable space; out there as a pioneer and like previous only MINI innovations will give us an edge,” adds Lindeque.

Recently, we’ve seen major motoring companies establishing dealerships in Soweto, which has resulted in major economic shift such as creating jobs and emancipation of economy.

Now with the stand-alone dealership, the Legends @ Zambezi owners have taken a calculated risk to test how deep the water is?  

“As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the MINI brand in South Africa, it’s great to see the birth of MINIs first-ever local exclusive dealership,” says Karen Valle, General Manager of the MINI brand in South Africa.

“This move, backed up by the unprecedented sales success of MINI in 2011 and the record start we’ve had to 2012, demonstrates that the next ten years will be just as exciting for the brand.”

 Legends @ Zambezi dealership can be found in the east of Pretoria, Montana Tuine.


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