Mme Letta Mbulu celebrates 70th birthday stylishly!


 Well, yours’ truly was amongst few selected journos invited to the surprise 70th birthday party of one of SA’ celebrated and internationally acclaimed musician Mme Letta Mbulu, yesterday at the Vaal Reef Hotel, which was hosted by her legendary husband Caiphus “Katse” Semenya.  

Growing graciously like good wine, this is how Mme Mbulu should be regarded! Age defying perhaps because she looks strong and fit which ignited comments from well wishers that ”she does not depict her age”.

Earlier in the day, we cruised in the massive boat sipping fine wine accompanied by snacks.

As we cruised along the famous Vaal River the intimate wind played its part as if knowing what the celebration was all about.        

Aboard were Marikana Advocate representative Ishmael Semenya and relative to ntate Semenya, to music promoters moguls Bra Leonard Sithole and Sam Mhangwani, poetic MC for the day and Power FM host Tim Modise to brains behind the Macufe and organisers of the birthday the Chakela’s family.

Mellow as possible the music of Mme Mbulu serenaded us during the three-hour boat cruise.

In the evening a gala dinner (where the actual surprise party unfolded) guests swopped the jeans and shorts for the designer labels fitting Mme Mbulu’s stature.

Now the who’s who in SA came in droves from the multimillionaire Kunene family to ‘Moremogolo’ Jonas Gwangwa and wife, S’bongile Khumalo (who surprisingly was her birthday as well) MMC for Local Tourism and Economic Development in Vaal Khulu Malindi, Executive Marketing Head at RAF Nozipho Japhta, Professors, Doctors and family members.

“I met my wife 46 years’ ago whilst on tour in Cape Town and PE, “says the excited Semenya during his thank you speech.

“I was introduced to her by her uncle in Soweto, Orlando, although she was stubborn but smart as well.

For me to beat other hopefuls to the race, I had to buy her flowers of which until this day she has fallen in love with any form of flowers,” he continued much to the applause from the guests.

Let’s hope our young-ones will learn to love, share and respect each other. This is our definition of a successful, healthy relationship, continued Semenya.

“Yes, we do have our differences just like any other.”

In her speech, Mme Mbulu thanked the wife (ex-nurse) of Jonas Gwangwa for she taught her life during her upbringing.

“She taught me to carry the stone next to my tummy to avoid miscarriage during the time transport was scarce in Soweto. Having to use that stone, I reached the hospital and delivered a healthy child,” she said with bitter-sweet memories and standing ovations from guests.

“These are the kind of stories our kids should know that immaterial stuff do not matter life.” “Who would have thought a stone could save someone’s life”? Ask me I shall tell, says Mme Mbulu who is a patron for the Sharpeville Foundation.

With a subtle ‘Maru A Pula’ and some of my old favourites belting out in the background hugs and kisses were the order of the evening.

Happy birthday MAMA and see many more to come!


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